Thanks for Thessalonica

The thanksgiving section of 1 Thessalonians 1 reveals six things we should look for in a church and be thankful for when we find them.

By Joe Holland
   |   February 14, 2022

Why the Background of a Passage Matters

Don’t miss out on the richness of stepping into the sitz im lebem of Scripture. Don’t bypass the wonder seen when studying the biblical background of different passages.

By Mark Becton
   |   February 7, 2022

Pauline Thanksgiving and Church Planting

How can a church set a standard by which it can judge its own growth, pursuing maturity according to biblical standards? Epistolary thanks provide just such a calibration.

By Joe Holland
   |   January 24, 2022

Why Should I Study the Bible?

Growth in Bible study skills, like a tsunami, causes the truth of the Scriptures to reach the distant shores of our life, areas we thought untouchable.

By Mark Becton
   |   January 10, 2022

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