Partnership Update: Grimké and Acts 29

By Grimké Seminary    |    April 15, 2024


Grimké Seminary was started in 2019 to come alongside churches to help train pastors and planters in their local church context. We are a handmaid to local churches and their pastors to provide support in leadership training within the life of their local church. To better serve our churches, we also started Grimké College in 2022 with a fully online degree program for both men and women to help them become better Christians and better disciple-makers in their church. And in 2024, we launched Grimké Europe, which begins classes this fall.

As a part of the historic Protestant Reformed evangelical tradition, our commitment to theology-driven ministry is unwavering. With the combination of a rich theological heritage wed to a proper zeal for local church mission, Grimké seeks to glorify God in accordance with his Word for the good of all peoples. As leaders in the church are built up by God’s Word, their churches will remain faithful and fruitful for God’s mission.

From its inception, Grimké has been an independent organization. Our mission has been to serve churches across many networks, denominations, as well as independent churches—to see them better equipped to proclaim the good news of Jesus. Over the past five years, God has grown his work through Grimké to include students from churches from many networks and denominations across the United States, into Europe, and to further parts of the globe.

One of the primary networks we have had the privilege of serving is the Acts 29 network of churches. We have been and continue to be so thankful for the churches, pastors, and planters within the Acts 29 network who have been faithful to God’s mission and are a part of Grimké. Grimké’s first public launch was in 2019 at Acts 29’s then Global Gathering. From 2019–2023, Grimké has been an officially recognized partner seminary, recommended and financially supported each year in order to serve the churches within Acts 29 in training pastors and planters. We are truly grateful for the network’s support over these past several years.

Throughout 2023 and entering into 2024, Acts 29 has undergone significant changes as untold numbers of churches have left the network, a significant number of executive and support staff have left, and the remaining network leadership considers its future. During this time, Grimké and Acts 29 began to discuss the possibility of another formal partnership agreement for 2024, and Grimké Seminary was offered a complimentary exhibitor booth and sponsorship package at the Next Conference in Dallas, Texas, while discussions continued. Unfortunately, a formal partnership agreement was unable to be reached, and Acts 29 asked Grimké to withdraw as an exhibitor due to an article written concerning the current state of complementarianism in the broader evangelical landscape. Despite this inability to move forward in formal partnership, Grimké remains committed to serving the remaining churches in Acts 29 with the same faithful commitment to uphold God’s Word, to love God’s church, and to partner together for the sake of the gospel, as those churches seek to plant churches.

As seasons of life and ministry come and go, affiliations may change, but genuine gospel partnerships and relationships will remain to further God’s mission. It has always been our hope and desire to serve and pray for the Acts 29 network along with its partnering churches as well as churches across many networks and denominations to help train leaders for the future of God’s glory and the furtherance of the gospel around the world. If you have questions about how Grimké can serve you and your church, be sure to reach out. We’d love to hear from you.

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